Other Resources:

When looking for information, images and video about the State of Florida, a good starting point is the State Archive which you can access at:


For information, history, archives and exhibits focussing on Miami and South Florida, try the HistoryMiami site:


A good place to look when you want a wider range of resources is the Digital Public Library of America which brings together a number online sites from around the world with searches by timeline, map and exhibitions in addition to word searches:


The National Archives have documents and records that ranges from the founding national documents to individual military service records to exhibits and a wide variety of aids for students and teachers about using their facilities and information:


Another vast archive that offers a number of digital collections that range from images to audio is the Library of Congress site. As with the National Archives, sometimes it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for just because there’s so much there. One place to start is digital collections: